Mama Bear Bakery

Welcome to Mama Bear Bakery

Our specialty is delicious baked treats, made-to-order and always fresh. There are no presevatives in the products, and many of the ingredients are locally sourced and organic.

Weekly and monthly specials will be added to the menu, so please visit our Facebook page for updates.

Discover Our Menu


Cookies, Squares and Tarts

Lemon Ricotta Cookies $13/dozen

Peanut Butter Cookies $12/dozen

Choc Chip Cookies $12/dozen

Monster Cookies $12/dozen

Oat and Coconut Cookies $12/dozen

Brownies $12/pan

Butter Tarts $9/half dozen

Puffed Wheat Squares $6/half dozen

Vegan/GF Brownies $15/pan

Breads and Muffins

Banana Bread $9/loaf

Blueberry Muffins $9/half dozen

Carrot Muffins $9/half dozen

Banana Muffins $9/half dozen

Cinnamon Buns $3 each

Soft Pretzels $3.50 each

GF Banana Bread $10.50/loaf

Cakes and Cupcakes

Chocolate Cupcakes w/icing $3 each

Vanilla Cupcakes w/icing $3 each

Carrot Cake w/ cream cheese icing $45

Apple Spice Cake w/ brown sugar icing $45

Red Velvet Cake $45

Chocolate Cake $35

Vanilla Cake $35

Place Your Order

To place an order email: mamabearbakery01@gmail.com or Facebook: Mama Bear Bakery | Facebook and Instagram:

Mama Bear Bakery

More Gluten Free products coming soon!


7585 Main Street W.

Radium Hotsprings, BC

Photo Credit:

Painted Sun Photography

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